To facilitate great respondent recruitment, there are various things clients can do to support our best service delivery

Saros Research's Expectations from Clients

At Saros Research we believe we do our best work for clients that see us as their partners in delivery of great research fieldwork. We know our roles are very different when it comes to making this happen, but at the end of the day keeping YOUR clients happy is our mutual objective.

We know you share our values in the provision of a great respondent experience, feeding the cycle of word-of-mouth enthusiasm and adding value (and more respondents) to our industry for the future.

To enable us to deliver what you need, we expect the following from you our clients:

  • That you will sign and agree to our Business Terms before we start working on you project
  • That you will provide full briefing information, in agreed timeframes, in English, of all fieldwork requirements, including any changes or developments occuring during the fieldwork process
  • That you or a named representative will be contactable (by email or mobile phone) for an initial verbal or webconferenced briefing prior to commencing recruitment, to approve the specification and screener that we propose, and also throughout the recruitment process to enable prompt tackling of any challenges that may arise
  • That you will appreciate the fact that changes made to the specification once recruitment is underway may result in additional work and costs, including potentially Saros administration costs, changes to recruitment fees, and full or partial incentive payments
  • That you will respect that any suggestions we make in terms of the schedule viability are made from the point of view of our 14 years experience delivering similar projects, and if we say that a certain incentive level or group start time or pretask requirement is likely to break the project, we are not whining or picking holes - we are doing our best to add value and advise constructively on how best to achieve your objectives
  • That you will understand that recruitment selection is an art not a science. Human beings are fallible, complex, inconsistent and fascinating creatures - that's why they are so interesting to research - but for all our mutual experience and skills in our respective crafts, we have to allow for a little unpredictability
  • That you will be familiar with and wholly adherent to the Market Research Society's Guidelines for the conduct of qualitative research, with specific attention to the areas concerning emotional well being of respondents, data protection, and respondents right to withdraw from the process at any time