Great research recruitment is a partnership - our values and aims are completely aligned with yours, to create a great fieldwork experience for your clients. Together we can work professionally and collaboratively to ensure this is accomplished.

Saros Research Standards

We know that the participants in your research are the raw materials, on which you craft your insight and build your strategic conclusions. We are committed to ensuring you have the very best materials available, and to do our best work for you we need you to help and enable us in return
  • Saros Research's Values

    Here at Saros Research we believe that certain basic shared values and sense of direction should underpin the vastly diverse range of activities we undertake to deliver our client's requirements...

  • Saros Research's Expectations from Clients

    At Saros Research we believe we do our best work for clients that see us as their partners in delivery of great research fieldwork. We know our roles are very different when it comes to making this happen, but at the end of the day keeping YOUR clients happy is our mutual objective.