Saros provides a range of specialist services to meet all your research recruitment needs

Saros Research Services

Whether you require focus group participants, product testers, online survey respondents or mystery surfers, Saros can help
  • Qualitative Research Recruitment

    Qualitative Research Recruitment is what we live and breathe here at Saros Research. When you need participants for focus groups, depth interviews, product testing, online projects, creative workshops, accompanied shops, deliberative forums, friendship groups... Saros will find them for you.

  • User Experience

    Mobile web, application testing, gaming on every platform - we have a great specialist team to deliver on your most precise technical briefs

  • Online qualitative research recruitment

    Online qualitative research is developing with great speed and effectiveness, and some excellent platforms now exist for interacting with remote respondents, from video-conferencing to live chat to forum-style threaded discussions.

  • Saros Research Surveys and Quantitative Research

    Once clearly delineated as distinct approaches, technological and methodological changes have brought the worlds of 'qual' and 'quant' research increasingly closer together