The Saros research database is not a panel- it is a unique bespoke membership database, created specifically for qualitative research and user testing recruitment

The Saros Research Respondent Recruitment Database

Saros explodes the myth that finding people to take part in research is difficult - we have thousands and thousands of people who have never been selected, and are enthusiastically waiting for the right project! Of course, the art of what we do lies in the selection itself... and for that to be effective you need a big pool of people to start with.
  • Why is Saros Research's recruitment service database-driven?

    If you've never done it yourself, think for a moment about how difficult it is to do recruitment the traditional way. Tasked with finding, say, 8 women who use Brand X shampoo, have mid-length hair and above-average household income and hold certain specific attitudes to environmental haircare products, who are also available and interested to come to a research facility next Thursday evening at 6 o'clock... well, where would YOU start?

  • Development of the Saros Research Recruitment Database

    Recruitment to the Saros database - which is a wholly separate process to the screening and booking of participants for specific projects - happens all the time. We currently recruit to our database at a rate of 50-100 new members daily, depending on specific marketing and PR activities underway