Saros Research Recruits across the UK, in any market sector or subject area you need

Saros Research recruits respondents across wide range of markets and specialisms

One of the things the Saros team all love about the work we do is the huge variety of subjects our clients research, and the range of different and interesting people that brings us into contact with.

Saros Research specialises in recruitment of people - and that's both as niche and as generalist as you can get. When learn something from every job we take on, because we will make sure we thoroughly understand your market, your research methodology and the insights you are seeking.

Whilst every member of our Project Management team can turn their hand to any project in any market, all have their individual passions and specialisms. We share learning as a team, and are pleased to be able to offer particular experts with specific interest in areas such as gaming, mobile technologies, travel and automotive, family and baby products and online research platforms. Our email-driven approach enables us to sift large numbers of people rapidly to find atypical behaviours in a range of categories -such as lapsed brand loyalists or early adopters. And being able to approach and receive responses online means we can tackle sensitive or embarrassing material confidently and respectfully.

But every project brings us something new, and it's often the most everyday-sounding project that brings up the most interesting challenges. Some of those we have risen to recently include:

  • Cosmetic surgery customers and their surgeons
  • Witnesses to London Riots in the summer of 2011
  • Social media marketing gurus
  • Heavy users of online gambling platforms
  • Users of specific types of breast feeding pumps
  • Russian nationals seconded to British organisations
  • High spending couture customers
  • Terminal and hospice care professional and volunteers
  • 'Not-spot' villagers digitally excluded by geography
  • Parents of bullied teenagers
  • Members of business travel frequent flier clubs
  • Menopausal women with raised cholesterol levels
  • Specifier of high-volume office shredders and secure document destruction services
  • Angel investors and venture capitalists
  • People awaiting gender reassignment procedures
  • Second-generation immigrant families facing housing challenges
  • MND patients
  • Incontinence product users, male and female
  • IOS jailbreakers
  • Handicraft professionals for a workshop on packaging design
  • eBay power sellers
  • Homeschoolers and online educators
  • Bank account switchers

And of course many more. Some of them were easier to find than others, but talking to all of these people gave us insights into their unique worlds and concerns, as well as bringing new people in to the experience of research participation.

In every case we worked closely with the researchers involved to design a screening process that was effective, ethical, sensitive and robust as required, and shared regular insights into the expected and unexpected findings during the recruitment process.

What challenges you bring our way?