Saros Research backs our accurate recruitment with professional project management and customer service

Saros Project Managers - Delivering our Core Service and Values

We believe professional and supportive project management is as vital to the success of your project as the right respondents. Our intelligent and supportive team help and reassure you at every stage of your fieldwork process.

We believe a lot of the problems in traditional recruitment stem from too many links in the chain - so we don't employ supervisors or team leaders or outsource to "recruiters". Your named Project Manager will be your point of contact throughout the lifecycle of your project from the point of commissioning, and they directly manage the Research Bookers handling your respondents. Your Project Manager provides you with...

  • Personal contact and direct briefing
  • Details of the screening process and methods used
  • Intelligent feedback and support concerning any difficulties encountered
  • Detailed and presentable respondent profiles to share with your clients

No two jobs are ever the same in recruitment... but most follow a similar structure and approach. We are able to rapidly search and long-list using our database, then invite preselected respondents to apply and be screened for your project, using a unique online questionnaire.

Promising respondents from this stage are then re-screened using a detailed telephone interview - at this stage we reconfirm...

  • that the demographics on our database are correct (things change...)
  • that the answers they gave in the online screening are correct (people change their minds, mis-click, and yes occasionally some lie)
  • that the respondent is articulate, sufficiently intelligent, and has clear comprehensible spoken English particularly for work in group settings
  • that they are genuinely keen and motivated, enthusiastic about taking part in your project

Following that all joining details, pretask instructions, directions etc are sent to the selected respondent - and then of course we follow up with reminder calls and texts as the time of the session draws closer.

Throughout the process your Project Manager is easily contactable, rapidly responsive, and wholly aligned with your research insight objectives.