Saros Research can recruit respondents for any metholodogy you wish to apply to your UK fieldwork project

Research Methodologies Saros Research Can Recruit For

Saros Research is comfortable and experienced with recruiting for any research methodology you can dream up - whether you want one to one depth interviews, a series of group discussions, workshops with hundreds of participants or surveys with thousands.

Whatever you need them to do, we can find people who are up for it.  We can find respondents who are happy to participate in very high disclosure research such as lengthy in-home observations, or to talk about highly sensitive areas from wealth to health. Between us we can devise the right recruitment strategy to target pretty much anyone... when the haystack is big enough, the needle will be in there somewhere.

The more you share with us about exactly what you want from your respondents and what they will be doing, the better we can select the right people, and prepare them for exactly what to expect in the session.

Potential respondents might be familiar with the popular concept of a 'focus group', so if they are going to find themselves in a conflict triad or intense ethnographic observation, we make certain that the commitments and expectations are clear from the outset. We need you to tell us your intentions with regard to recording/observation (we also collect permissions at the point of screening), and we need to know directions to the venue and even what refreshments will be on offer.  We can also pre-place your Non Disclosure Agreement, so that participants turn up with it already printed and completed.  All this ensures that respondents are clear about and immediately ready to start your research. Just as you want everything to run smoothly, so do the respondents.

Letting us know of any special research processes planned or particular qualities required in a respondent, ensures our inclusion of specific screening in recruitment - things like, highly visual or conceptual thinkers for a packaging development workshop, or super-wordy types for a press campaign. We have recruited all types of people and personalities including crossword addicts, photography enthusiasts, international travellers, polyglots and quiz champions, all bringing unique things to the specific research they we needed for.

Every project is unique and methodologies are changing rapidly, for these reasons we do not publish a rate card. We quote individually for every job. Ask us for a quote, and we'll get a dialogue going today. Whatever your research methodology, having the right respondents is fundamental to your success, and that's where Saros Research will help.