Our unique selling point at Saros is that we tackle separately the two processes of recruiting potential research participants, and screening them against specific project selection critera

Saros understands and separates the distinct processes of recruitment and screening of research participants

Traditionally, the two processes of locating suitable research participants and screening them for projects are combined and mixed up. In our opinion, this is wasteful, disappoints potential respondents, and takes too long. At Saros we approach things differently.

 Our unique strength is that we SEPARATE the finding of new people - undertaken centrally by the database development team - from the selection of people for specific projects.

This enables a new level of quality.  Our Research Bookers (carefully named to distinguish them from the freelance 'Recruiters Network', from whom they are quite different) are NOT under pressure to 'fill it up' and get 'bums on seats' - if we send them 100 potential screened online leads and none of them fit the spec, they can turn around and tell the Project Manager that they have no one to call. Of course if it's 500 leads and no one to call, the Project Manager will probably need to talk to you about where we can look for flexibility, or what it is in the screener eliminating so many possibles - but our Bookers won't try to bend people in to fit, they have no incentive to do so.

Similarly if there appear to be plenty worth calling but they don't check out on the phone, then they don't get booked in. Because our Bookers don't waste time calling people who are ineligible on the factual stuff (age, location, brands etc), they can really concentrate on rigorously checking the 'softer' factors - motivation, commitment, awareness - the less tangible things that can make all the difference between a good-enough group and a 'wow' group.

They don't have to spend time explaining what research is, why people should take part, why they won't get sold anything or spammed, or what time it starts. Or trying to persuade someone who has just sat down to dinner or Eastenders that they really want to be doing this next Thursday instead. This is what makes Saros respondents - and Saros research recruitment - different and unique.