Saros Research approaches research respondent recruitment differently to traditional fieldwork agencies

The Saros Approach to Research Participant Recruitment

When we founded Saros in 2000, it was clear the industry needed a new approach - so we started by doing our own research, and building a service to match the needs of our clients, rather than modelling what already existed
  • Saros Project Managers - Delivering our Core Service and Values

    We believe professional and supportive project management is as vital to the success of your project as the right respondents. Our intelligent and supportive team help and reassure you at every stage of your fieldwork process.

  • Saros Research recruits respondents across wide range of markets and specialisms

    One of the things the Saros team all love about the work we do is the huge variety of subjects our clients research, and the range of different and interesting people that brings us into contact with.

  • Research Methodologies Saros Research Can Recruit For

    Saros Research is comfortable and experienced with recruiting for any research methodology you can dream up - whether you want one to one depth interviews, a series of group discussions, workshops with hundreds of participants or surveys with thousands.

  • Does Saros 'recruit online' for your research project?

    Online communications have enabled faster, cheaper and more accessible opportunities for research recruitment than at any time in history, and we firmly believe in seizing all that is positive about whatever opportunities present themselves.

  • Saros understands and separates the distinct processes of recruitment and screening of research participants

    Traditionally, the two processes of locating suitable research participants and screening them for projects are combined and mixed up. In our opinion, this is wasteful, disappoints potential respondents, and takes too long. At Saros we approach things differently.

  • The Participant Principle:

    A guide to getting the best recruitment for your user testing and qualitative research

  • Project Manager Recruitment 2017

    Saros Research is currently hiring for at least two full time positions.