Saros Research's Participant Recruitment Specialisms

We can recruit in any UK consumer market you have an interest in, but there are some subjects in which our extensive experience has led to greater depth of expertise



  • Luxury Consumer Recruitment

    Researching luxury brands isn’t the same as researching FMCG. But there are ways to reach out to potential participants, and Saros can help

  • Clothing and fashion research recruitment in the UK

    We all like to look good, and know that what we wear reflects both how we feel and how others see us. Researching clothing, fashion and personal style is an endlessly fascinating activity for Saros

  • Mobile and communications recruitment in the UK

    Whatever else happens in the economy and trends, one market continues to innovate and expand, in new and exciting ways. The mobile communications revolution has created more change in how we live our lives than perhaps any other factor, and the pace of change continues to accelerate

  • Food and drink research participant recruitment in the UK

    Fast moving consumer goods fieldwork, in particular the food and beverage sector, is "bread and butter" work for Saros

  • Gaming Participant Recruitment in the UK

    The computer games industry has evolved over the last 40 years or so to become something that people from all backgrounds have embraced. We can find the right gamer profile for you.

  • Financial Products and Services Recruitment in the UK

    From high finance to the high street, we all interact with financial products and services on a daily basis, and Saros has extensive experience recruiting in this area

  • Beauty, skincare, haircare and bodycare research participant recruitment in the UK

    We all choose different products to keep ourselves clean and to make ourselves look good, and the reasons behind those choices are complex and varied

  • Travel, tourism and holidays research participant recruitment in the UK

    The way we purchase travel services has of course changed beyond recognition in recent years, from the days of retail travel agencies and brochures which made up the bulk of the market a decade or so back.

  • Recruitment of children and teenagers for qualitative research and user experience

    ‘From the mouths of babes’ – if you want to know the truth about the emperors new clothes, or your product, ask a child! They won’t hold back.

  • management of complex and extensive qualitative and user research participant recruitment in the UK

    The complex logistics and event management skills to run an extensive qualitative fieldwork project reflect Saros Research Ltd’s greatest strengths.