Saros Research - Established in 2000

Take part in genuine UK market research and user testing events such as focus groups and interviews, share your views on products and services you use, and earn cash rewards for making a real difference.

Saros Research is a trusted recruitment partner for big brands and household names. Sign up with us to receive invitations for the products and services that you use such as:

  • Household favourites tasting and reviewing new drinks, snacks and food 
  • Big brand accompanied shops for fashion, furniture and even your usual supermarket shop
  • Technology research including devices, online platforms and services
  • Testing new games with big name producers

Participation is occasional only, but typically pays £30-£100 for an hour or two of your time, some are longer and pay more – so sign up with Saros Research today. We keep your personal information completely safe and use it only to match you to the right research projects.

Please note that you should never pay anything to be able to take part in market research. We have not and will never ask you to pay anything to join our database.